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20 Ideas for Decorating the Office During the Holidays

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Naomi Thalenberg

Naomi is a reporter for TINYpulse, living and breathing everything employee engagement. She does this by always keeping her workstation fully stocked with dark chocolates.


iStock_000050711138_Small-2‘Tis the season for annual office parties, big shopping sales, and “Jingle Bells” on constant repeat. But the holidays are much more than that. For one, they’re a great time for inspiration and creativity as we tread into a new year. And they’re perfect for fostering a holly-jolly organizational culture.

Sure, your office may not be a winter wonderland with everyone hastily trying to wrap up the busy year (no pun intended) before their vacations. Here are some quick, easy, and fun office decoration ideas to help sprinkle some cheer and joy in between your last meetings of the year:

1. Fun and quirky office mugs

Screen_Shot_2015-11-23_at_10.47.09_AM.pngSOURCE: cafepress.com

Stay warm as you sip that peppermint mocha with a funny holiday mug that’ll bring smiles during those long meetings. Gather your coworkers on a quick trip to the local thrift or antique shop to see who can hunt for the best holiday mug.

Or you can also order a batch of silly holiday mugs online and restock the office kitchen for your team to enjoy.

2. DIY holiday tree

Screen_Shot_2015-11-23_at_11.25.29_AM.pngSOURCE: brit.co

Bring some color to the old white walls with a stellar paper tree. All you need is an array of colorful construction paper, scissors or a paper cutter, and tape to create this gorgeous and vibrant wall decor. Add some twinkle lights for bonus credit!

Follow the instructions here

3. Let it snow


Who says adults can’t have a snow day? Jazz up your cubicle or office windows with this easy-to-make snowy ornament. All you need are various sizes of cotton balls, a needle, and thread, and you’re on your way to a majestic snowed-in office land.

Check it out on Pinterest

4. Mason jar magic

Screen_Shot_2015-11-23_at_11.47.20_AM.pngSOURCE: pinterest.com

No matter the season, Mason jars are always in. Fill them with peppermints, chocolates, licorice bites, or dollar store finds. You can also organize an arts and crafts lunch session and have everyone bring in an old jar to paint and decorate the office with.  

Check out these other inspiring DIY holiday jars here

5. Spice up the office kitchen

Screen_Shot_2015-11-23_at_11.54.21_AM.pngSOURCE: pinterest.com

Decorate office kitchen gadgets, cabinets, and even the coffee machine with fun drawings and holiday decor. Make a cute snowman face or a winter wonderland scene with snowflakes.

Get started by learning how to draw the perfect snowman here

6. Paper snowflakes

DSC00294.jpgSOURCE: Natsue Makino

Need a good way to reuse old paperwork? Instead of feeding the stacks right down the shredder, consider making cool snowflake cutouts out of old invoices, notes, spreadsheets, and more. You’ll not only spread the holiday cheer, but you’ll also set a good example for an eco-friendlier new year.

Find tutorials and templates here

7. Starry starry shift


Bring the starry magic right into your work shift and help your employees shine bright.

Check out these super-cool DIY star decorations

8. Throw back to your childhood years

Screen_Shot_2015-11-23_at_2.33.41_PM.pngSOURCE: architectureartdesigns.com

If kids can do it, so can you. Get crafty and decorate the office with the best of your childhood memories. That’s right, get out the glue sticks and bring out the pom-poms, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, buttons, crayons, and more.

Get inspired with these ideas

9. Crazy for confetti

Screen_Shot_2015-11-23_at_9.05.30_PM.pngSOURCE: brit.co

Make every day of the holidays a party with fun and creative confetti creations. Put it in glass jars, glue it on paper in various shapes and messages, or just toss it around the office and hope the custodian doesn’t get too angry. Whatever you choose, confetti is sure to bring some joy and fun spirit to the office!

Get artsy here

10. Gingerbread door decoration

Screen_Shot_2015-11-24_at_9.11.26_AM.pngSOURCE: pinterest.com

When one gingerbread door closes, another one opens. Isn’t that how the old saying goes?

Get started here

11. Candyland trek


Find King Kandy, the lost king of Candy Land, by transforming your coworker’s cubicles into Candy Cane Forest and Gum Drop Mountain as you try to win the game and reach Candy Castle. Anything is possible with your imagination.

Get started here

12. Giant snowflake sticks

Screen_Shot_2015-11-23_at_9.25.57_PM.pngSOURCE: craftnest.com

If your office is going for a Zen-ful and simple holiday look, these giant snowflake sticks are the perfect match. Hang them in your office lobby to go with your company’s vibe, or in front of your windows for passersby to enjoy.

See tutorials here

13. Sweet tooth wreath

Screen_Shot_2015-11-23_at_9.30.56_PM.pngSOURCE: pinterest.com

Let’s face it, everyone likes to be greeted by candy. Welcome clients and officemates with some sweet wreaths they won’t refuse.

Get inspired here

14. Put a bow on it

Screen_Shot_2015-11-23_at_9.42.11_PM.pngSOURCE: hellonatural.co

Tie it up and put it on literally everything. On your chair, on your desk drawers, on the doorknobs, name tags …  OK … you get the picture. This is an easy and cheap way to make the little things stand out!

Make the perfect bow tie here

15. Bow tie pasta garland

Screen_Shot_2015-11-24_at_9.41.05_AM.pngSOURCE: blog.tinyprints.com

That’s right, more bows! But this time, the delicious kind. Keep it classy with these glittery and elegant rainbow pasta garlands.

See tutorial here

16. Ninja ornaments for ninja employees

Screen_Shot_2015-11-24_at_9.40.58_AM.pngSOURCE: thecraftingchicks.com

Fight the long hours of the day with these stellar Ninja Turtle-inspired ornaments. They’ll instantly make your office look cool. Period.

Stealth-mode tutorial here

17. All about the tissue

Screen_Shot_2015-11-23_at_9.50.36_PM.pngSOURCE: minted.com

There are a million ways to get crafty with tissue paper, but these dainty, easy-to-make honeycomb ball ornaments are sure to spruce up any dull office corner.

Get started here

18. Deck the halls with Star Wars snowflakes 

SOURCE: christmas.wonderhowto.com

If you can meticulously follow these templates and create these incredible Star Wars snowflakes, the holiday season’s Force will be with you.

Get started here

19. Wrap it up

(Screen_Shot_2015-11-23_at_4.43.12_PM.pngSOURCE: pinterest.com

Reuse your extra wrapping paper and wrap up the office. Then when you leave work for the day, you can literally say, “That’s a wrap.”

Check out some other neat cubicle decoration tips

20. Shelfcicles


Watch out for the sharp edges. This simple and sleek design only requires white felt or printer paper and scissors. You’ll be on your way toward an edgy holiday look.

Get inspired here


Naomi Thalenberg

Naomi is a reporter for TINYpulse, living and breathing everything employee engagement. She does this by always keeping her workstation fully stocked with dark chocolates.

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