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June 17, 2016

Next-Gen Leaders: Weekly Roundup 6/13 – 6/17

Keep It Down! Employees Rank Workplace Distractions as Biggest Beef

A newly released study of employees and executives found that noise and other distractions were the most frequently cited obstacles to productivity and job satisfaction.

3 Employee Performance Realities That Every Leader Needs To Know Now

A performance strategist offers three thought-provoking concepts that can guide efforts to get employees to take more personal responsibility for their work.

Poor leadership creates lazy employees

Employees apparently get lazy when their bosses are off their game. Here are some of the ways an uncertain a manager can do damage to employees’ motivation.

This Is How Employees Without College Degrees Can Improve the Workforce

Workers who didn’t go the higher-education route can offer unique attitudes and qualifications that make them smart hires.

Hiring and firing practices can help protect employees from workplace violence

No one knows employees better than their managers, and this article contains a helpful checklist of things to can keep an eye on that can help ensure a safe workplace.

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