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June 3, 2016

Next-Gen Leaders: Weekly Roundup 5/30 – 6/3

The Perk Office Workers Desire Most

According to a new survey by Adobe, the perk that employees want most is…technology. Well, that may be doable. Here’s what they found.

Forget Myers-Briggs, algorithms can better predict team chemistry

A London-based people analytics startup claims to have developed an algorithm that can help managers asses the potential of work teams with greater accuracy than any prior method.

5 tips for managing mental health issues in the workplace

Mental health issues can take all sorts of forms in an office environment. Here are some tips for effectively managing what may come up.

The workplace is a last bastion of stigma. But even that’s beginning to change.

When others in an office perceive a co-worker as having mental health issues, their view of that person’s value can plummet, leading to further stress for that individual. Here’s what a sensitive manager can do to help keep this from happening.

One Trick To Make Employees Happy: Ban Emails On Nights And Weekends

Business are realizing that in order for employees to recharge between workdays, there have to boundaries between work and the rest of life. Here’s what one company did to make this happen for their workers.

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