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May 27, 2016

Next-Gen Leaders: Weekly Roundup 5/23 – 5/27

Do you know your customers better than your staff?

Since a majority of sales take place online these days, employees’ interest in creating the best possible customer experience there is more critical than ever. Fairsail CEO Adam Hale says that keeping your staff at the center of your strategy can give you a competitive advantage.

4 Steps To Reduce Burnout and Turnover Based on Employee Perspective

When a company initiated an internal burnout study, they didn’t expect 10% of their employees to quit after three weeks, or expect what workers suggested would help.

Here’s How Letting Employees Work From Home Can Harm Your Company

David Niu, founder of TINYpulse, explains why allowing staff to work at home can be counterproductive to the goal of maintaining a strong company culture.

Teleworkers more likely to prioritize wellness

On the other hand, this new research suggests that employees working at home are more likely to look after themselves.

The End of the Office Dress Code

Work dress codes and uniforms seem like they’re increasingly a thing of the past—except when they’re unexpectedly enforced—and a fun new exhibit at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology looks back on how they changed over time.

Bringing Marginalized Employees Back into the Fold

Sometimes, in spite of a company’s best effort, employees can slip to the margins, feeling disconnected and de-motivated. This article offers ideas from bringing suck workers in from the cold.

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