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May 20, 2016

Next-Gen Leaders: Weekly Roundup 5/16 – 5/20

6 Habits Of Managers Who Have Loyal Employees

The difference between having a loyal employee and having one who moves on can be the specific ways in which workers are recognized.

4 Ways to Make Workplace Email a Thing of the Past

Wondrous thing that email really is, it’s often not the best way for work teams to communicate. Here’s why, and how, some companies are turning away from email.

Why bonuses don’t improve employee performance

It turns out there may be more effective ways to motivate workers than giving out bonuses. Here are four other ideas for increasing performance.

4 Things About Managing People I Wish I Knew When I Started

He started the first of his four companies at 17. He’s 33 now, and he’s learned some important things about management in-between.

6 Surprising Reasons Younger Managers Perform Best

Research by Harvard Business Review suggests that even without long experience, a younger person may be the best fit for management.

How to Become a Talent Magnet

An interesting take on management using magnetism as a metaphor for much of what makes a strong manager and team successful.

3 Steps for Aligning Your Organizational Goals

Ways to make sure employees’ understandings and ambitions are aligned with company goals.

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