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May 6, 2016

Next-Gen Leaders: Weekly Roundup 5/2 – 5/6

7 Tips for Being A Kickass Millennial Boss Who Empowers Their Employees

If you wonder if you’re too young to pull off the whole “boss” thing convincingly, stop worrying. Here are some ideas for how to be a great manager.

What Causes Uncomfortable Work Conversations And How To Avoid Them

Awk-ward. Conversations can so easily go off the rails, but there are some things you can do to ensure it doesn’t happen, at least when you’re around.

Research: Vague Feedback Is Holding Women Back

Women and men receive different kinds of feedback from their superiors, and a new study shows that the vague guidance and lack of relevant insight women are provided makes it hard for them to know what they have to do to advance.

Mobile Workplaces Boost Employee Engagement, Productivity

A new study makes it clear that companies with a mobile-first operating philosophy have employees who are more engaged and satisfied in their jobs.

My co-worker is cyber-stalking potential hires, looking for dirt

Maybe it’s a desire to help, or maybe it’s just nosiness, but some employees undertake their own unauthorized online investigation of prospective hires, often with a company’s tacit, though unstated, approval. It’s a bad idea.

Office Perks are Dumb

Let’s have a look at the latest intel on why the allure of a company’s staff ping-pong table is no match for the simple things: decent pay and benefits, and a meaningful job.

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