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April 22, 2016

Next-Gen Leaders: Weekly Roundup 4/18 – 4/22

Screening for psychopaths – managing the front end of workplace bullying

When you’ve realized someone is a bully, it can hard — sometimes impossible — to turn that person around. A better idea? Be on the lookout for personalities functioning within what psychologists call the “Dark Triangle” during the hiring process.

Now, this is what you’d call an employee engagement problem

Joaquin Garcia, an engineer for a municipal water board, felt like no one would even notice if he stopped coming in. So he did. For six years at least, and his paychecks never stopped. It might have even been 14 years, but that’s not for certain.

Why This Company Is Paying Its Employees To Sleep More

Tired employees are less healthy, less reliable, and a drag on a company’s operation. Aetna is offering employees a bonus of up to $300 a year if they sleep seven hours a night.

Innovation is Overrated

A recent conference called “The Maintainers” attempted to snap the business community out of its infatuation with innovation by reminding them of the importance of just keeping everything working.

Is stress actually beneficial for your staff?

A recent study found that 32% of their respondents said the more stressed they were, the better they performed. Six in ten said they thrive under pressure. What can we do with this information that’s not cruel?

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